Student Worker of the Month: Chris Cline

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By Cooper Nelson
GCU News Bureau

Campus faculty would be in the dark without Chris Cline.

Cline, a campus faculty development assistant, has been awarded the honor of Student Worker of the Month for January by Career Services for his involvement in designing faculty developmental videos and assisting faculty members with campus technology like iResponse and SMART Boards.

Chris Cline is January's Student Worker of the Month.

He was nominated for the award by campus faculty development specialist Chris Barker, who appreciates Cline’s punctuality and willingness to take on new tasks.

“Chris meets all of the criteria for an exemplary student worker,” Barker said. “He regularly exceeds expectations by assuming new responsibilities and completing them in a timely manner. He is extremely talented, bright, consistent, and reliable, and goes above and beyond our expectations every single week.”

Cline, 23, is a junior digital film and production major with an established reel of film projects, including a feature film that debuted in his hometown of Tacoma, Wash. and led to a small cult following. Cline also serves as president of the GCU film club “Filmmakers Anonymous,” which serves as the central hub for all film student extracurricular activities and projects.

Cline’s experience in digital arts and film have enhanced the quality of the faculty developmental videos and allowed him to teach new technology to faculty members.

“He integrates the knowledge that he has gained from our Digital Film Production program to meet the needs of our department and to assist faculty with learning how to use educational technology,” Barker said.

Cline would like to pursue a career in production in Hollywood or teach film. But for now, his focus is to continue to help the University grow and improve.

“I want to continue to work hard,” Cline said. “I like being a student and (at the same time) being able to help the university.

“It really is an honor being (Student Worker of the Month) at GCU.”

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