Mr. GCU Contestants Gun for ‘Medal of Manliness’ in Arena Competition

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By Cooper Nelson
GCU News Bureau

Ten of the most rootinest, tootinest of GCU’s campus cowboys will shoot it out in a winner-take-all talent competition in GCU Arena at 8 p.m. Thursday.

Mr. GCU kicks off at 8 p.m. Thursday at GCU Arena. Check out ASGCU's 2013 Mr. GCU promo video on YouTube.

When the gun smoke settles, one man will be left standing — and crowned Mr. GCU. This year’s 11th annual Mr. GCU pageant follows a Wild West theme. So expect lots of boots, cowboy hats and facial hair.

The 10 peer-nominated contestants will compete in swimwear, talent and formalwear.

GCU’s student involvement manager, Sarah Thatcher, said the Wild West theme was selected for its historically macho qualities and as a theme fans would enjoy.

The pageant of manliness will be judged by former Mr. GCU winner Chris Borowy, GCU senior Kadria Young, Sedona Hall resident director Victoria Leith, and Dean of Students Pastor Tim Griffin. The emcees for the event are Lindsey Fatherly, a sophomore RA from Canyon Hall, and Melody Propheter, a sophomore RA from Prescott Hall.

This year’s event includes only juniors and seniors, unlike past years.

“We wanted to make something that honors juniors and seniors and builds excitement for freshmen and sophomores, that makes them want to compete and win when they’re juniors and seniors,” said Anthony Mann, GCU student activities coordinator and a past Mr. GCU.

Men, lock up your wives. Small children, avert your eyes. Here are the 10 contestants fighting for GCU’s ultimate medal of manliness:


  • AJ “Wild Thang” Chavez

Year: Junior

Major: Christian studies

Hometown: Riverside, Calif.


  • Dillon “Dillybob” Currier

Year: Junior

Major: Sports management

Hometown: Memphis


  • Zack “Slim Bandit” Filbrun

Year: Junior

Major: Biology

Hometown: West Milton, Ohio


  • Joey “Buffalo Joe” Harty

Year: Junior

Major: Exercise science

Hometown: Fort Collins, Colo.


  • Trent “Two Timin’ Texas Trent” James

Year: Senior

Major: Athletic training

Hometown: Prescott


  • Chris “Carlo Durancho” Koehne

Year: Junior

Major: Secondary education with an emphasis in physical education

Hometown: Chicago


  • Frankie “Beans and Franks” Mota

Year: Senior

Major: Elementary education

Hometown: Visalia, Calif.


  • Daniel “QuickDraw McGraw” Nelson

Year: Senior

Major: Christian studies

Hometown: Woodinville, Wash.


  • Keith “John Wayne” Smith

Year: Junior

Major: Sports management

Hometown: Whittier, Calif.


  • Jesse “J Bandit Slayer Dep” Villegas

Year: Junior

Major: Sociology

Hometown: Phoenix

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