ASGCU Candidates Make Their Final Pitches to Student Audience

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By Doug Carroll
GCU News Bureau

Two campaigns so similar that they quoted from the same chapter of Philippians discussed their plans for Associated Students of Grand Canyon University at a “debate” Tuesday evening that more closely resembled a forum.

An audience of about 150 students at Antelope Gym heard from junior Jordan Hester and sophomore Suji Shin, candidates for ASGCU president for 2013-14, and their respective running mates, juniors Jenna Chittenden and Samara “Samy” Carlon. All four have been involved in various aspects of ASGCU during their time on campus.

ASGCU candidates (from left) Jenna Chittenden, Jordan Hester, Suji Shin and Samy Carlon at Tuesday's debate in Antelope Gym.

Nick Ely, ASGCU’s current president, and VP Trent Bruns kicked off the hourlong program by posing 10 questions to the candidates. Most of them were broad in scope, ranging from how to get new students involved to new projects they would start and even their impressions of GCU moving up to NCAA Division I.  

“It means an opportunity to increase school spirit,” Carlon, ASGCU’s multicultural director this year, said of Division I status. “About half of the international students on campus play sports.”

When that segment had concluded, four randomly selected questions from students preceded short closing statements.

Both tickets touched on familiar themes of the campaign, which concludes with voting today and Thursday. Shin said communication with students needs to improve, and Hester, ASGCU’s activities team director, said she wants to see the planned social events of Welcome Week extended throughout the year.

Shin said she understands how students can feel disconnected on an unfamiliar campus.

“I left South Korea at 14 without being an English speaker,” she said. “I know how it is to feel lonely and not cared for.”

All four candidates said they would continue to serve GCU’s student population in the event of defeat.

“We sit here before you because we feel called to serve you,” Carlon said, “not because we feel better or cooler.”

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