‘Team Tempe’ Sets Sights on Second Win Over Peoria Counterparts

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By Cooper Nelson
GCU News Bureau

Few, if any, GCU basketball rivalries are as heated as the battle between the Tempe and Peoria campuses. The Antelopes vs. Dixie State? Not even close.

Teams from GCU’s sister sites will battle for pride, dignity and a year’s worth of bragging rights at halftime of the men’s basketball game against Montana State-Billings on Friday at GCU Arena. The team that draws the most fans also earns a half-day off from work.

Team Tempe (from left): Josh Kutchinski, Kevin Carter, Nick Holladay, Dominique Williams, Scott Arneson, Mat Williams, Mark Glazier, Will Johnson, Jamaal Barbee, Amin Elhassan and Sarah Hays.

The Tempe team is looking to follow its 24-23 victory over Team Peoria in last season’s inaugural interoffice exhibition. And now for the player introductions:

  • A 6-foot-2 Southeast enrollment manager from Phoenix … His favorite player is Michael Jordan and his basketball background is comprised of games at L.A. Fitness … When asked what chance Peoria has to win the game, he replied, “Can a fat puppy catch a fast car?” — Mark Glazier
  • A 6-foot-1 associate vice president from Lodge Grass, Mont. … His favorite player is former Lakers forward Kurt Rambis, and his special basketball ability is hacking … He believes Friday will be an “excellent” game — Britt Chandler
  • A 5-foot-11 (or 6-foot-1 with Sketchers Shape-ups) enrollment counselor from the mean streets of Beaverton, Ore. … His game is a mix of Brooklyn Nets star Deron Williams and Black Eyed Peas star Fergie, and he can dunk on an 8-foot rim … He said unless Peoria recruits LeBron James it doesn’t have a chance to win —Dominique Williams
  • A 6-foot-3 enrollment counselor from Albuquerque … His favorite player is Los Angeles Clippers guard Jamal Crawford, although he said he plays like Michael Jordan … Asked about Peoria’s chances, he replied, “The competitor in me wants to say probably ‘SLIM,’ like my favorite beef jerky, but I believe the fans will enjoy an exciting event, with the heavy aroma of Icy Hot” — Jamaal Barbee
  • A 6-foot regional director of operations for the College of Education from Sheffield, Iowa … His favorite player is Michael Jordan, and he has some college basketball experience … He believes Peoria has as good of a chance as it had last year — Matthew Nalan
  • A 6-foot-4 QC specialist from Tempe … His favorite player is Dennis Rodman, with whom he shares defensive and rebounding abilities … He believes the Peoria team has just as good of chance as the Tempe team — Scott Arneson
  • A “6-foot-1.599999999” operations manager (non-degree services) from Powell, Wyo. … His favorite player is Utah Jazz swingman Raja Bell because he specializes in the clothesline … Asked about Peoria’s chances, he said it depends on how many Peoria players try to break through the clothesline — Nate Jones
  • A 6-foot-3 enrollment manager from Tucson … His favorite player is former Stanford standout Mark “Mad Dog” Madsen, who he described as “all effort with an unbelievable power layup and great dance moves” … He has a great 15-foot shot and is predicting an amazing athletic display by his Tempe team — Scott Gianninoto
  • A 6-foot-1 enrollment counselor from Tucson … Her favorite player is Kobe Bryant … She’s a self-proclaimed “power player,” and the only woman on the Tempe roster — Sarah Hays
  • A 6-foot-4 academic counselor from Mesa … People frequently confuse him for Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki … He played at Mesa High and has a little college hoops experience — Nick Holladay
  • A 5-foot-10 doctoral specialist from Corvallis, Ore. … His favorite player is former Portland Trail Blazers center Arvydas Sabonis, and his basketball ability is the jump-stop … He gives Peoria a 50/50 shot to win — Cameron Hein
  • A 5-foot-11 enrollment manager from Youngstown, Ohio … He was the Pop-a-Shot record holder at Peter Piper Pizza from May 2009 through September 2010 … Asked about Peoria’s chances to win, he said, “If the basket remains still, they’ll win. If it moves back and forth, and everything is worth 3 (points) in the last 30 seconds, we will dominate” — Christopher Hatch
  • A 5-foot-11 international enrollment manager from Brisbane, Australia … His game most resembles Teen Wolf, minus the athleticism … On his basketball background, he said, “I thought we were playing rugby. I once played basketball at lunchtime in high school. That’s the one with the bases, right?” — Mat Williams

The Tempe team is led by Head Coach Joshua Kutchinski, Assistant Coach Will Johnson, Assistant Coach Amin Elhassan and General Manager Pete Martinez. Kevin Carter also is on the Tempe roster.

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