Slideshow: Best Christmas Decorations From GCU’s Peoria Site

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Photos by Bob Romantic
GCU News Bureau

Diversity certainly isn’t lacking when it comes to Team McQuade on GCU’s Peoria campus.

Or creativity.

Enrollment counselors and academic counselors on Colleen McQuade’s team decided to become “village people” with their holiday decorations by creating cardboard houses for each of their cubicles.

There’s Taylor Sprague in his log cabin. Sabrina Henderson with her candy cane house. Rhonda Wrenn representing Kwanzaa. Gina Martinez with her Las Posadas theme. Kristin Johnson in her Whoville house. Danielle Edkins in a gingerbread house. And several others.

“Kristin did hers first and raised the bar for everyone,” Wrenn said.

Their decorations, and those of many others, are on display in this slideshow of Christmas decorations from the Peoria site:

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