Slideshow: The Best in Halloween Style on Campus

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Photos by Cooper Nelson
GCU News Bureau

It began Wednesday morning with Iron Man, a werewolf and a few other costumed characters at the Center for Learning and Advancement, the tutoring lab in the Williams Building. Soon it became apparent that we needed to take the camera out on campus to grab a few shots of those dressed up for Halloween. Here’s a slideshow of some of what we saw.

The cast of characters, in order of appearance:

Tom Mason, director of lifelong learning assessment — Werewolf

Kevin Thrasher, executive director, CLA — Iron Man

Josh Stomel, CAS microbiology professor — Steampunk

Matt Karber, senior — Dr. Jekyll (blue scrubs)

Milo Mancia, senior — Mr. Hyde

Orbi Gonzales, freshman — Peter Pan

Petar Draksin, men’s soccer coach — Simon Cowell

Taleisha Oliver, freshman, Catwoman, with Dorybell Gonzalez, freshman, Alice in Wonderland 

Taylor Hawker, freshman – Minnie Mouse 

Destiney Newton, freshman – Pirate (“Jack Sparrow’s wife”) 

Travis Burus, freshman — Red Phantom 

Chad Varga, senior, Shawn White, with Jourdan Schayne, senior, Rabbit

Charles Harris, sophomore — Scream 

De’Onte Lemons, sophomore — “My Halloween Costume” sweatshirt 

Whitney Bergstrom, sophomore — Chicken 

Hector Vasquez — Pink Hi-Liter 

Carlos Enriquez, freshman — Hot dog

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    I vote the girl in the chicken suit as the winner!!

    Nov.01.2012 at 3:15 pm
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