Victoria Leith, Sedona Hall RD

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Oversees: Sedona Hall, with Kris Hayes

Age: 22

Hometown: Ventura, Calif.

GCU experiences: Moving to GCU and starting this position was my first time in Arizona. The two months have treated me well and I am so happy to be here. I will be starting my master’s degree in leadership this year.

Q: Since you love to bake, what goodies will you be sharing with residents of Sedona Hall? And how do we get some?

A: Sedona will never go hungry. It will run out of running water before it ever runs out of cookies. I love to bake. If you want a cookie, just ask. I tend to run out of chocolate chips, though. I need to set up a tab at a local grocery store for all the chocolate chips I buy.

Q: Being new to the area, what places do you frequent in the Phoenix area?

A: La Grande Orange on 40th Street, just south of Camelback Road. I could not be more passionate about this topic. I could live there. A week hasn’t gone by that I haven’t gone at least once. It’s a coffee shop/grocery/pizzeria/restaurant/place that sells wine AND baked goods. And it always smells incredible.

Q: You like to run. Treadmill or neighborhood track?

A: When it’s not blazin’ hot, I prefer to run outside. I’m a California girl! The treadmill will have to do for now. I have claimed one all to myself in the Rec Center. I get territorial when people are on it. Don’t they know it’s mine?

Q: What is unique about the culture or community of your residence hall?

A: Sedona is starting from ground zero. Kris (my co-RD) and I get to create legacies, traditions, friendships… The way we run things in Sedona this year will set the tone for years to come. No pressure, right?

Q: Why take a job as a residence director? What’s rewarding about your job?

A: I’ve been blessed by incredible role models throughout my life and college experience. I hope to be half the influence to my students as my mentors were to me. I want to walk through life with them and what better way to do that than live with them? I want to be there from move-in day to graduation day in the laughter, tears, mourning, joy, praise and sadness. I am eager to watch my students blossom from curious freshman into the men and women God will mold them into.

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