Slideshow: Students Gotta Have Their ‘Favorites From Home’

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Darryl Webb, GCU’s new campus photographer, had an idea about last week’s Move-In. He thought it would be the perfect time to shoot students with their respective “favorites from home” — things they can’t do without while living on campus.

Here’s the story behind his six favorite favorites:

  • Freshmen Ceu Lian Thang of Burma and Daniel Ruiz of Mesa could start a band. Ceu Lian: “I like my guitar because it’s a Les Paul.” Daniel: “My drumsticks are the only thing that remind me of my life as a musician.”
  • Cameron Schilling, a junior from Montana, and sophomore Brittany Bach lift each other up. Cameron: “Brittany is my favorite item (for) fun things like walks and talks.”
  • Liz Fender, a junior from Phoenix, and Bre Krall, a sophomore from Indiana, say their keychains remind them of their friendship.
  • Sophomores Christina Chiles of California and John McArdle of New Jersey would be bored without their longboards. Christina: “It’s my best friend.” John: “It’s my baby.”
  • Freshman Portia Austin of Germany goes nowhere without Fluffy. “I’ve had him since I was 2, and I can’t sleep without him.”
  • Freshman Tyler Eastep of New Mexico needs only his ukulele. “It’s impossible to frown while playing one.”

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