Kris Hayes, Sedona Hall RD

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Oversees: Sedona Hall, with Victoria Leith

Age: 25

Hometown: St. Johns, Ariz. (I moved a lot growing up, but St. Johns is where I spent my sophomore-senior years in high school)

GCU experiences: Graduated in 2009 with my bachelor’s of Christian studies with an emphasis in youth ministry. I was an RA in the North Rim Apartments for two years under James Rogers and Sarah Clayton, who are both still RDs. I worked in finance counseling after graduation, then as the intramural coordinator, and now as an RD. I look forward to participating in intramurals again after being the facilitator for two years. I earned my master’s of science in leadership in 2011.

Q: You’re a sports nut and the former intramural coordinator at GCU. What role does sports play in our lives?

A: Sports can be a huge community builder for people in general. It helps us unite and come together through one purpose. It is a great way to teach students about teamwork and sportsmanship.

Q: As a self-described gamer, what video game are you currently hooked on? What’s your all-time favorite game?

A: I play many different types of video games. However, my all-time favorite games to play would probably be the Legend of Zelda series. I have always been a huge fan of Nintendo. But if you are ever around and want to play some Call of Duty or Halo, I am always game.

Q: When you were a student at GCU, what did you learn by being an RA at the North Rim Apartments?

A: I learned a lot about leadership and community. Leadership is a whole other beast when you are living in the same building as those you are leading. Integrity plays a huge role in leadership, just in general, but it was about learning to lead well on your good days and bad days, because you are around people all the time.

Q: Why take a job as a residence director? What’s rewarding about your job?

A: It is something that I connected with since my first year as an RA. I love the environment and what I get to do on a daily basis. It can also be challenging at times and those challenges are different depending on the year, the students, the RAs, etc… and I love that I get to grow in different areas of my life in those different circumstances.

Q: What are some of your favorite memories from living in dorms when you were an undergrad?

A: There are so many memories from living in Hegel and NRA as a student. One memory that sticks out a lot was during March Madness. Our hall had different rooms set to different games and so we had guys running up and down the hall based on how closes the games were or what teams where playing. It was a great community-building event for our hall.

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