James Rogers, Prescott Hall RD

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Oversees: Prescott Hall, with Nicole Clifton

Age: 31

Hometown: Las Vegas

Q: You love to play the guitar. Whose songs do you emulate, and why?

A: I have been playing guitar for about 12 years now. I enjoy playing a lot of Johnny Cash songs. I enjoy their simplicity and the way Cash was able to tell stories through song.

Q: You grew up in Las Vegas. Is it as crazy as some would think, or is life away from the Strip fairly normal?

A: Growing up in Vegas isn’t as bad as most people would think. The Strip is an attraction that most locals rarely go to. One of the biggest benefits of growing up in Las Vegas is that most food places and stores are open late compared to different cities.

Q: About that diet of yours… what’s up with that?

A: My diet is very strict and challenging. No fruits. No vegetables. Only fried foods. It’s a rough life to live, but someone has to do it!

Q: What sets GCU apart from other universities where you’ve visited or attended?

A: The diversity and willingness to go against the norm. GCU is about trend-setting and not following other universities. That is exciting to me and is what makes us different than most universities.

Q: What are some of your favorite memories from living in dorms when you were an undergrad?

A: One of my favorite memories as an undergrad was the community of people that I got to live life with. I really discovered who I was and had a lot of fun in the midst of that discovery. Late-night food runs to In-n-Out, studying at Denny’s all night long, playing volleyball and just hanging out having good conversation with friends.

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