Camelback Hall Complete; Other Construction Projects Ahead of Schedule

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By Bob Romantic
GCU News Bureau

The first of this summer’s major construction projects at GCU is now complete.

A certificate of occupancy for Camelback Hall has been concluded, and offices for Public Safety, ROTC, IT Support and Student Disability Services will begin moving into the ground floor of that new five-story residence hall.

The ground floor of Camelback will house offices for Public Safety, ROTC, IT Support and Student Disability Services.

Camelback features 628 beds. Loft beds, which include a dresser, desk and bed in one unit, are included in some rooms. Those are coupled with a traditional bunk bed to fit three students comfortably in a room.

Two dorm rooms, each with its own bathroom, are separated by a shared living room in each suite.

Other construction projects are all ahead of schedule with an Aug. 15 deadline looming, said Charlie Sirokman, project director for campus development.

— Sedona Hall, which will hold 660 beds, is 90 percent complete. The suite furniture is in place and outside landscaping is being finished. “It’s not too far behind Camelback Hall,” Sirokman said.

New loft beds in Camelback Hall include a desk, dresser and bed in one unit.

— Renovation of the Student Union is moving along. Seating will be increased from 312 to 602 and three new food service islands (a 360 grill, deli/salad bar and yogurt/dessert bar) are being added along with the main serving area. “We’re excited about the renovation,” Sirokman said. “The design is very vibrant and refreshed.”

— The College of Arts and Sciences building “is looking great,” Sirokman said. “We anticipate the College of Arts and Sciences department will be able to move in Aug. 1 and the College of Theology should be ready by Aug. 3.”

— Lecture halls in the North Gym are on schedule. Carpet and ceiling tiles are in place, and furniture will be moved in next. In addition, landscaping has begun in the area north of the gym to create a gathering place for students and staff (each of the four lecture halls has 100 seats).

A living area is shared by two dorm rooms in each suite at Camelback Hall.

— Masonry work is nearly complete as crews work nearly round the clock to complete the new parking garage. “We start pouring concrete at midnight every day and the rest of the guys on the site crew are in by 5 a.m. and working until around 2 p.m.,” said Butch Glispie, owner of Pono Construction. An orchard similar to the one west of GCU Arena will be added west of the garage.

— Parking areas are being added throughout campus. A paved VIP parking area for events is being constructed near the 32nd Avenue entrance (east of Ethington Theatre). More paved parking will be in place north of the softball field. And a gravel parking space will be located north of the baseball field. “We have tried our best to accommodate additional parking in all areas on campus,” Sirokman said. “We’ve really gone above and beyond to accommodate staff and students for opening day.”

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  1. Jarred

    This all looks great, but I have just one questions! Where is this 5 dollar offsite parking lot on this construction list? Students are signing up for this lot and I haven’t heard anything about it in the updates! Just curious as to how it is progressing!

    Jul.27.2012 at 12:00 pm
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