Main Entrance to Campus to Close for Eight-Week Renovation

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By Bob Romantic
GCU News Bureau

The 33rd Avenue entrance to GCU will be closed beginning Saturday as renovations are made to the main access route to campus.

A new guard booth will enhance the appearance of the main entrance to campus.

The street will be closed through July 16 to construct a new guard booth, a wider turnaround area, wider sidewalks and improved lighting. Employees and students are asked to use the 31st Avenue entrance on the east side of the campus, the 32nd Avenue entrance near Ethington Theatre, or the entrance from 35th Avenue on the west side of campus near the baseball fields.

Nestled between the two Jumbotron signs separating the new parking garage and GCU Arena, the improved 33rd Avenue entryway will provide a more aesthetic appearance as visitors enter the University.

These renovations will take place:

  • A larger guard booth will be able to house two people during busy events at GCU, and it will include a brick façade similar to the garage and other new buildings on campus. New GCU signage and a set of flagpoles also will be added.
  • The traffic circle surrounding the guard station will be widened and paved with brick, providing a stronger visual presence leading into the Promenade.
  • Sidewalks on the sides of 33rd Avenue will be widened to six feet and lighting will be installed along the pathways.
  • Administration Drive, which 33rd Avenue feeds into in front of the administration buildings along the north side of the garage, will be updated with new pavement, lighting and landscaping.

The 34th Avenue entrance remains closed through Aug. 15, open only to construction traffic. An orchard similar to the one on the west side of GCU Arena will be added along 34th Avenue on the west side of the parking garage.

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