Student Worker of Month: Fair a Fixture at Ethington Theatre

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By Bob Romantic
GCU News Bureau

Rebecca Fair is the first face visitors see when they visit Ethington Theatre – even when maybe she’s not supposed to be.

Fair works as a box office assistant at Ethington, which technically means she’s supposed to be there 20 hours a week. Good luck with that. In reality, she’s there twice that amount of time.

The Ethington Theatre is a second home for Rebecca Fair

“The box office is technically open from 9 to 5, so I take care of it. It just makes it easier if I’m here,” said Fair, a sophomore theatre major who has been chosen as the Career Services Student Worker of the Month for April. “There’s times I’m here and do nothing and I sit there and say, ‘OK I’m going to do homework,’ and other times it gets crazy and there are five calls at once.

“Being here in the theatre, I get to see all my peers and friends and the actors I work with. They’re always a lot of entertainment. … And the fact I get to help Rose (Werther) and make it so she doesn’t have to worry about it makes me happy. I take care of tickets and organize things so she can deal with the other 20 million things she does.”

Werther, the project coordinator for the College of Fine Arts and Production, said Fair was in the theatre helping out voluntarily even before there was such a position as box office assistant.

“Part of the reason she was hired is because she wants to be here,” Werther said. “She learned the system on her own. … And in between answering calls, she’s always helping out on other things.”

Without being asked, Fair cleaned and reorganized the Ethington Theatre Box Office, which, she says “I need to do again because it got really dirty.”

She also took on a several-week project sorting through drawers of lights and set plots, and even helps sew costumes during her downtime.

“As a collective theatre group, we all help build the costumes, we all help hang the lights and build the sets,” Fair said. “As a group, everybody helps with everything at some point or another.”

Especially when they are there as often as Fair is.

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