Meet the ASGCU Candidates: Mallory Freeman and James Prigge

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Next week, GCU students will take to the polls and exercise their civic duty to elect a new ASGCU president and vice president. As you see all the posters and fliers around campus, take an opportunity to meet the candidates and learn their intentions for next year.

Pre-physical therapy major Mallory Freeman and pre-med major James Prigge are running for ASGCU president and vice president. Freeman has been a member of the GCU swim team and is a member of the ASGCU team.

Why are you running for this position? 

Mallory: I am running for the position because I genuinely love to serve the students of this campus and want to make everyone’s college experience meaningful and something they will remember for a lifetime. I feel the best way for me to positively impact this campus is to become the representative and voice of the student body.

What have you done in your time at GCU that qualifies you to be ASGCU president?

I believe that I am qualified for this position because God has blessed me with natural leadership abilities such as communicating well with people and genuinely caring for their well being. I have been an active part of the student government for three years and held a variety of positions, and all of this experience has prepared me to take on the position of president. I have been actively involved on campus and have participated in life groups, athletics and intramurals and gone to nearly every campus event, which gives me the opportunity to deeply connect to the school and its students.

ASGCU is the connection between students and administration. How do you plan to foster this relationship?

We plan to increase the quality of communication between administration and students by connecting the students to the developments being made by administration. Too often students are ill-informed and have no involvement with the changes being made on campus. Our plan is to enact a Student Body Senate so that there will be a collective body of students who represent the greater majority and can address the concerns and ideas of the students. We plan on building on our pre-existing relationship with the faculty that we have worked with in our current leadership positions.

What do voters need to know about you?

Though we are taking this election very seriously, we are not just the serious people you see on the posters. We have exciting and fun plans for the future if we are elected, and we are looking forward to meeting new people and creating lasting relationships with the student body.

Voting for ASGCU president and vice president runs from Monday, February 13, to Wednesday, February 15. Vote in the Student Union between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. A student ID is required. Contact John-Paul Reiger at [email protected] or 639.6892 for more information.

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