Career Services Unveils Online Job Board

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GCU Career Services has a new online job board, Lopes for Hire, featuring job opportunities for students and alumni with companies located in Phoenix and beyond.

Career Services has forged relationships with numerous companies and is listing only valid job opportunities for the site’s users. All listings are reviewed and approved by the Career Services staff.

To start using the resource, visit This will direct you to the Lopes for Hire login page.
Your username is your primary email address.
Your password initially will be GCU2011 (case sensitive).

You will be prompted to change your password. Please change it to ensure your security and privacy.

NOTE: If you attempt to enter the login information above and are not already in the system, you can self-register by selecting “Create an Account.”

From the home page, you will see important messages and instructions from the Career Services office. Please read these messages carefully.

To start, complete these initial steps:

● Complete your profile by clicking on “View/Edit Profile Data,” listed under the “Profile” heading in the top navigation bar. The more complete your profile, the more we can help connect you with opportunities.
● Upload a resumé by clicking on “Upload a Document,” listed under the “Documents” heading, and following the simple steps to upload a resumé. Your resumé must be in Word or .rtf to begin the conversion process.
● Click on “Lopes for Hire Calendar,” listed under the “Calendar” heading, to view upcoming events and opportunities offered by Career Services.
● If you’re ready to begin looking for opportunities, click on “Job/Internship Search,” listed under the “Jobs & Internships” heading, to conduct a search.

If you need further direction, there is a Quick Start Guide and a more thorough Help Guide in the Help section.

For more information about the job board, or to take advantage of the many resources offered by Career Services, visit them in the Student Union or email [email protected].

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