Nursing Faculty Stage Wild Costume Contest

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The blond wigs were out in force for Monday’s meeting of College of Nursing faculty, with Dean Anne McNamara overseeing a wild and crazy Halloween costume competition between graduate and undergraduate instructors.

“There’s a little bit of frivolity going on here,” McNamara acknowledged as things got under way at the Howerton lecture hall.

The nine-member graduate “Barbies” team — introduced via PowerPoint and onstage — included characters such as Trailer Trash Barbie (Margie Amity), Tent City Barbie (Kay Turk), Geisha Barbie (Sabine Garrett) and Fairy Barbie (Jo Podjaski).

However, they were upstaged by the undergraduate faculty, an eclectic mix of nine that included Aphrodite (Sheila Searles), ’Lopes Superfan (Cheryl Roat), two witches (Leigh Tovar and Lisa Hardeke), a “pregnant” elderly woman (Marsha Ramstad), a Roman goddess (Ronda Kerns), Party Rock Girl (Deb Evinrude), Tattoo Lady (Sherri Spicer) and Princess Leia (Jeannine Mequi).

Assisting the cause of the undergraduate team was Searles’ son Christopher, who was dressed as an ape and crawled about the room on all fours, making a solid impression for authenticity.

Barb Thomas of Human Resources served as one of the judges. So if the aforementioned faculty suddenly disappear from the rolls of the employed at GCU, we’ll all know why.

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  1. Jerry Tuttle

    Well done! Nice to say the faculty having a little fun!

    Nov.05.2011 at 12:09 pm
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