Pastor Tim Leads 808 Bible Study Wednesday Nights

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By Brooke Bellah

GCU Campus Pastor Tim Griffin’s new weekly Bible study got off to a promising start last night. Griffin said the Bible study was something he had high hopes for, but that he had no expectations for how many students would actually show up.

“There could have been four, or forty people there,” said Griffin. “It was really just a shot in the dark.”

Campus Pastor Tim Griffin. Photo by JP Tanner.

In all, more than forty students attended Griffin’s 808 Bible Study in McKinley Hall.

Griffin selected the Book of James as the focus for this semester. He wants to spend the semester analyzing one particular book, because he believes that it is important to study Scripture within its context. The Bible study will be meeting most Wednesday nights at or a little after eight.

The Bible study began with a prayer, and then Griffin shared his goals for the semester study of James. “As we engage in Bible study, my hope is that we will learn from each other,” said Griffin.

The focus of the night was on the first verse, the greeting, of James: “James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes scattered among the nations: Greetings!”

“What does it mean to let Jesus ‘lord’ over you?” asked Griffin. The group then discussed the difficulties of completely surrendering every aspect of life over to Christ.

“I was encouraged by how honest people were in the discussion,” says GCU freshman Keegan Williams. “Everyone there was honestly searching for answers.”

The large size of the Bible study did not seem to overwhelm any first-time Bible study attenders.

“It was very welcoming and not intimidating,” says GCU sophomore Joey Sverev. “I definitely plan on coming back next week.”

Griffin was pleased with the response he received at his first Bible study meeting. When asked about his response to the first meeting, he smiled and only shook his head. “I am just overwhelmed. Overwhelmed and excited.”

808 Bible Study Schedule – Wednesdays, 8-9 p.m. in McKinley Hall
Jan.19 – True faith is developed by trials and testing
Feb.2 – True faith is initiated by trust
Feb.9 – True faith is guided by wisdom
Feb.23 – True faith is demonstrated by works
Mar.9 – True faith is expressed in prayer
Mar.16 – Baptism class (Baptisms will be held on Mar. 29)
Mar.30 – Prayer and Praise

Brooke Bellah is a junior, majoring in English Literature. After graduating, she plans to go to law school. Contact Brooke at [email protected].

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  1. Michelle

    Great and uplifting article.I sure wish there was a way for online students to attend!! I love the book of James! One of my favorites!!

    Mar.09.2011 at 6:26 pm
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