COE Building Gets High Marks on First Day

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The new College of Education building opened Wednesday to its first day of classes, and it wasn’t difficult to find enthusiastic impressions along its hallways.

Students and staff raved about the two-story building, wedged between the library and Fleming but shining like a diamond.

“It makes you more motivated — new year, new classes, new building,” said Presli Bellottie, a freshman psychology major from Prescott.

With an abundance of open spaces for meeting and studying, the facility represents an upgrade that sophomore Matt Shuman said was overdue.

“I’m excited about this building,” said Shuman, fresh from a criminal-law class, one of three classes he has there. “It’s modern. (GCU) feels like a real university now.”

Psychology majors Presli Bellottie and Lindsey Kasmeyer.

Mark Matthews, an English-composition instructor, was working at his laptop in the first-floor study room on the building’s west end. With the room’s all-glass north face, providing a view up the Promenade toward the Student Union, there is an airy feel to the setting.

“You could have business conferences here,” Matthews said. “This building sends a message about the direction the University is headed. It makes a huge statement.”

Matthews said it’s easier than ever for instructors to incorporate technology in their lessons, thanks to the building’s DVD players, ceiling-mounted projectors, lighting options and Smart Board availability.

It’s also less of a chore to divide students into groups, with tables that are on rollers.

“Last semester, I was in the College of Nursing building,” Matthews said. “That was fine, but it was pretty cramped. This is more open and comfortable. It’s both warm and professional.”

English Composition Instructor Mark Matthews demonstrates some of the new amenities.

Bellottie and fellow freshman Lindsey Kasmeyer of Portland, Ore., said they like the hallway colors and the couches available while waiting between classes. It’s not so “high school,” they said.

“It’s more of a ‘home’ feel,” Bellottie said. “I’m liking the setup. We appreciate this, and we’re glad our money is going toward something this nice.”

“It’s a better learning environment,” Kasmeyer said.

A formal dedication of the building will take place at 2 p.m. on Jan. 13.

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  1. Sam

    I agree, the classrooms are so bright and really positive feeling. It is really neat to say I’m one of the first ones to use these classrooms. I love the modern feel to it along with a lot of places to sit.

    Jan.08.2011 at 12:27 am
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