CONTEST: What’s So Great About GCU Life?

December 13, 2010 / by / 3 Comments

Life on campus is pretty exciting right now, with the awesome new Recreation Center, sports teams in full swing and an incredible family of ‘Lopes all around you all the time! From your favorite dish in the Union to rockin’ out with TheGathering band to studying and classes to hall events and all the other events happening non-stop, we want to see what makes campus home and happening for you!

Want to win $500 to the GCU Bookstore? Then, put on your directors’ hat!

Make the most creative video showing us your GCU Life! Write a song, tell a story, create a character, lip sync to your favorite jam around campus! Give us the best of your GCU Life!

Judging Criteria & Rules

  • Students must showcase a living, learning and a community space on campus
  • No profanity or lewd content
  • Video should include reference to Christian heritage, Thunder the mascot and Purpose
  • Video Minimum length of one minute and thirty seconds; maximum length of three minutes in length
  • Videos should be submitted in a .MP4 or .MOV file format sent via and addressed to [email protected]

Selection Process

  • Videos will be reviewed by a committee consisting of students and university staff
    and narrowed down to the top three
  • Once the top three are selected, a poll will be released
  • The video with the most votes will be the winner!

Videos are due January 14. The voting poll will open January 20 and close January 28.

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3 Responses
  1. Mary Tucker

    This holiday break is truly a blessing. I am so thankful. I really want to thank everyone at GCU for allowing me to attend school here.
    I especially want to thank my counselors for their patience. My God bless all and have happy and wonderful holiday.
    Mary Tucker

    Dec.16.2010 at 6:53 pm
  2. Betty Williams

    I have been attending Grand Canyon University for 1 year now and I started in November of 2009. I am glad to be a student at Grand Canyon University. I am proud to be a student of your Christian College. I am an online student, I am so glad for this two week break because I have not taken no days off since I started College. I want to say thanks to all the staff members who have assisted me during my times of need for any information that I may have needed. Especially to Ricky Benanzen and Jay Stith. They both has helped me out so much when I needed assistants. I want to wish all the staff as well as my friends and students a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year.!!!!Also want to say thank you to the staff again for allowing us to take a two week break from class because I need it. God bless all of you and I love being a student at Grand Canyon University and I appreciate Grand Canyon University.
    Have a blessed two week break.
    Betty Williams-Student at GCU

    Dec.19.2010 at 4:34 am
  3. Bonita Baldwin

    I am a junior this year at GCU, and since coming here in 2008, God has opened doors for me in ways I could’ve never imagined! I am so humble and grateful to be on a campus where people love me. And believe me, when these people say they love you, they mean it! I am missing all of the beautiful faces over this holiday and am looking forward to seeing them! God bless you GCU!!!

    Bonita T. Baldwin-student at GCU

    Dec.29.2010 at 12:02 pm
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