International Students Celebrate India/Nepal Night

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By Jamie Mones

GCU International Education Week included a host of events leading up to India and Nepal Night on Friday.

The club transformed the Canyon Café into a cultural hotspot of India and Nepal.

Traditional tapestries adorned the walls, and a big mural created by our own Indian and Nepalese students set the stage.

An interactive table displaying the different spices used in traditional cuisine was also set up. Students swarmed the table as they enjoyed the scents of about 15 different spices.

Also included at the table was henna (a temporary body art) and bindi (a forehead accessory).

The aroma of delicious vegetarian curry, chicken, potatoes and hot chai floated in the café while students played an Indian game very much like musical chairs and danced the night away to upbeat Indian and Nepalese music.

In the spirit of the event, students such as freshman Sharon Matthew, sophomore Amanda Ahrens and graduate student Sharin Thomas wore traditional Indian clothing.

“It was so good! I did a cultural project on India when I was in high school, and it was nothing compared to this,” says freshman business major Shaniqua Scott.

“The food and the music were so good, and everybody looked pretty in their saris. If you didn’t go, y’all missed out on a lot. We don’t even know half of the stuff about India, and this is as close to it as we can get.

“I’ll definitely remember this night forever,” Scott said with a big smile on her face.

For more information about International Student Club activities, see Debi Parris at the Office of International Education.

Jamie Mones is an international student from the islands of the Philippines and the sand dunes of Saudi Arabia. Writing is one of her numerous passions. Contact Jamie at [email protected]

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