Vote for GCU’s Lindsay Fernandez to be Fiesta Bowl Queen

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Junior GCU student Lindsay Fernandez is a finalist for the crown of Fiesta Bowl queen. Online voting is open to the public and began today at ABC 15. For more information on Lindsay, check out her feature article at the Herd on Campus.

According to the voting site, each year, hundreds of young women from across the state vie for the prestigious Fiesta Bowl crown, a tradition which selects finalists based on community involvement, scholastic achievement, poise and personality.

The Fiesta Bowl Queen and Court Scholarship Program is open to young women currently attending any Arizona college or university on a full-time basis. The Fiesta Bowl Queen and Court serve as ambassadors to the Fiesta Bowl Festival of College Football, which encompasses more than 40 events.

Voting begins Friday, October 1, and ends Monday, October 4, at 5 p.m. The Queen will be announced during Sonoran Living Live on Thursday, October 7, at 11 a.m.

View the entries and read their biographies, click on the Vote tab to vote for your favorite. You must be registered on the site to vote, one vote per person.

Vote for Lindsay right here.

The following is Lindsay’s essay she submitted to the Fiesta Bowl committee.

A Servant’s Heart

By Lindsay Fernandez

Serving those in need opens the heart and softens the soul to the unwanted and the unloved, the uncared for and the forgotten. Through the gift of compassion, a life can be restored and newfound purpose can be revealed. An individual who gives of their time with helping hands, a willing heart and words of kindness can make a difference in the lives they touch. A volunteer is able to shine a light during the times of uncertainty, during the days of restlessness and the nightmare of loneliness. 

Daily we are given the opportunity to leave a legacy of hope, love and peace during today’s frightening circumstances. Living each day knowing that you have affected a person’s attitude or situation for the better refreshes you with the richness that life has to offer. A paycheck can buy things of this world but can’t even begin to compare to the ultimate pleasure of making a difference. Volunteers see a problem in their community and choose to stand up and get involved in what they believe in. This empowers not just the volunteers but those who are surrounded by them. They are ordinary people who look like you and me yet are willing to be used for extraordinary measures.

Doing your part to help your neighbor is humbling, selfless and inspiring. With a servant’s heart, you will be able to let empathy speak louder than words. Offering of one’s time to put another life before yours can give you the ability to see beyond your state of affairs and into their circumstances. 

Volunteering brings together a diverse range of people with various backgrounds. There are no requirements for volunteering; any class, race, religion and educational level can come together with the passion for a better tomorrow. Our community is connected in one way or another; therefore, it’s important to rally together for the hope of a thriving neighborhood. Relying on one another makes the problems of today’s society seem small when we are united by sacrificial relationships.

It’s time to say, “It’s not about me, but it’s about how I can help you.” I personally choose to live a life that encompasses the value of humanity first. This is not an easy lifestyle but it is beyond gratifying.  I am faithful in serving my community by working in a local food and clothing bank. I provide assistance in bagging food, checking in the guests and passing out clothing. I am able to connect one-on-one to those who are in need of these basic life essentials. Weekly I serve at Banner Thunderbird Hospital in the essential care program. I pass out magazines, talk with patients, escort visitors and cradle babies. I have taken my passions and skills to Third World countries teaching math and economics. In Mexico and Honduras, I was able participate in house-building projects and community outreach. I have invested my time as a youth and Young Life leader. I watch 2-year-olds every other month and tutor when needed. I have been involved in the Race for the Cure for six years. There are so many more experiences that I wish to share that have changed my life and the lives of others.

In today’s society, the community needs willing hearts and extended hands to be a light in the darkness.

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