Black Hole Needs Students to Bring the Crazy

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By Jamie Mones

The Canyon Crazies Club held its first rehearsal party Tuesday evening.

The club is a cheering group affiliated with the Black Hole, the newly designated student section of seats in Antelope Gym. Club members lead student cheering during sporting events.

Rehearsal parties are a chance for the students to learn cheers from the Cheer Team, the Dance Team, athletes and their fellow club members.

“We love to have the energy during games,” says assistant men’s basketball coach Phil Cullen. “You guys need to give us the home-court advantage.”

“You know those silent times during games? We need to prevent those,” says club president and event organizer Dan Ballenger.

After a few opening words from Cullen, Ballenger, and Cheer and Dance team coaches Eva St. Arnauld and Emily Stephens, the students took over the floor.

The Cheer and Dance teams led the group in cheers such as the GCU chant and the classic “D-fense” chant. After some input from the students, everyone ended the evening with dancing, ice cream and a giveaway of club T-shirts.

“It was really fun and interesting,” says GCU tennis player Stephan Murray. “It’s definitely good to hear people cheering for you when you play.”

“There were cool ideas,” says Dance Team member Lyttia McManus. “I think it’ll definitely have a great impact during games.”

“I was hoping more students would come,” Ballenger admitted. “I know people will catch on with the cheers once the basketball season starts, but the rehearsal party makes sure we already know the cheers, so we’ll be really loud and together during the games.”

Another rehearsal party will be held in early November, Ballenger said.

For more information about the Canyon Crazies Club and the Black Hole, contact Ballenger at [email protected].

Jamie Mones is an international student from the islands of the Philippines and the sand dunes of Saudi Arabia. Writing is one of her numerous passions. Contact Jamie at [email protected].

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