September Student Success Webinar Series with CLA

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The Center for Learning and Advancement (CLA) has announced it’s 2010 Fall Student Success Webinar Series. All webinars are scheduled from 3 to 3:30 p.m. (MST). Links to the webinars are available at The September dates and presentations are as follows.

Test Taking Strategies 1 – Tuesday, September 14
Test Preparation

  • Describes how to anticipate what will be on the test.
  • Describes how to interact in and out of class to ensure test success.
  • Identifies specific study techniques to improve memory and retention when studying for an exam.
  • Test Taking Strategies 2 – Wednesday, September 15
    Taking the Test

  • Outlines steps to take the night before an exam.
  • Highlights ways to reduce and overcome test anxiety the day of the test.
  • Provides tips for successful test taking in both traditional and online classroom environments.
  • Test Taking Strategies 3 – Thursday, September 16
    Specific Test-Taking Tips

  • Highlights specific test-taking tips and includes strategies for true/false, multiple choice, short answer, essay, open book, oral and math exams.
  • Time Management 1 – Tuesday, September 21
    Time Management- Personal Goal Setting

  • Teaches students how a solid personal goal setting system is the key to effective time management and life planning.
  • Students will learn to identify causes for procrastination in order to eliminate the problem.
  • Time Management 2 – Wednesday, September 22
    Time Management – Organization Skills and Techniques

  • Teaches students simple but powerful techniques to convert goals into effective action plans.
  • Learning to prioritize wisely will help students to manage their time and optimize the efforts of achieving their goals.
  • Time Management 3 – Thursday, September 23
    Time Management – Decision Making & Stress Management

  • Emphasizes the notion that good decision-making skills are the foundation for life.
  • Demonstrates the necessity of maintaining control when situations, people, and events make excessive demands.
  • Provides strategies for time management, making effective decisions, and overall management of stress.
  • Reading Strategies 1 – Tuesday, September 28
    Improve Reading Rate

  • Reveals how students can minimize the time they spend on reading university content while focusing on fluency, pre and post reading strategies, and how to gain a true understanding using the least amount of time.
  • Reading Strategies 2 – Wednesday, September 29
    Improve Reading Comprehension

  • Explains how students can read and understand difficult material with high volumes of advanced vocabulary using various texts in the university setting.
  • Reading Strategies 3 – Thursday, September 30
    Reading Comprehension Strategies

  • Focuses on specific tools and techniques such as SQ4R and KWL to help students understand the material being assigned.
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