Career Services Plants Seeds of Purpose in Student Minds

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By Keleigh Norman

Dr. Mary Askew presents at the Lunch N' Learn

Career Services presented its first Lunch & Learn session on Monday, Sept. 13, in McKinley Hall in the Student Union.

Dr. Mary Askew was the first presenter of a larger series planned to introduce FOCUS, an online resource that enables students to take a test that compares various qualities and desires, eventually compiling a range of careers worth exploring.

Every student left the Lunch & Learn feeling more prepared and more inspired. Askew, an adviser with Career Services at GCU, illustrated a poignant picture of what a new college student’s future might look like without a purpose. She urged students to search for their destiny and challenge themselves on a daily basis.

 “I already know what I want to do with my life, but I’ve been considering a minor,” said freshman Tania Jaramillo. “I understand now that a test is available to help me narrow down my search.”

The session provided facts as well as tools for students to use to find their purpose and be better equipped to make important decisions.

“I would like to see more students take advantage of these Lunch & Learn opportunities,” said Constance Ady, executive administrative assistant to the dean of the College of Education.

Askew closed her presentation with the statement, “You need to focus on your destiny.” Whatever the future may hold for these young students, they now have more resources to use in focusing on it.

The next Lunch & Learn, scheduled for noon on Sept. 20, will help students in crafting a personal mission statement.

Keleigh Norman is a GCU freshman in secondary education with a specialty in English studies. She is a student worker in the Career Services Center.

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