FYE Gives New Students a Head Start

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By Zane Ewton
Communications Staff

First Year Experience (FYE) is a new initiative on campus to give incoming freshmen all the tools necessary for academic success, financial management, community involvement and spiritual growth.

According to GCU Community Life Director Joe Brooks, students can expect personalized instruction on topics that influence everyday life. FYE classes are every other week throughout the fall semester. There are also two “Big Sessions” as well as monthly sessions.

“The instruction in the FYE classes will serve two purposes,” says Brooks. “Equipping students to be successful in the classroom and giving students a one-stop shop for information on how to get involved with community on campus.”

The FYE course is UNV 120 and includes a Pass/Fail grade. Each FYE student will receive a textbook as well as online resources to help guide them through the sessions.  For more information on FYE, contact Joe Brooks at 602.639.6284 or jbrooks@gcu.edu.

Big Sessions:

Foundations of the Faith – September 13, 2010 – 6 p.m. – North Gym

  • Many individuals today who claim to be Christians may not understand some key principles of their faith. This course will help answer questions as well as build your existing relationship with God.
  • Key topics for the evening are: What is worship? What is prayer? What is the word of God? What is witnessing?

Finances – November 8, 2010 – 6 p.m. – North Gym

  • The evening will focus around one of the biggest struggles and by far the most stressful part of college: finances.  Learn how to appropriately manage your budget and get tips for overcoming and staying out of debt.

Monthly Sessions:

Learning Center – September

Now that you have made the transition to college life, you will need to fine-tune your academic skills.  With the help of the Learning and Advancement team, you will learn how to take notes, use APA formatting and rediscover how to study.

Time ManagementOctober

Many college students have to relearn how to use their time wisely.  Gone are the scripted days of high school.  Time-management skills are crucial to the transition to college and then again on to the workplace.

Community – November

Now that you are in college, you’ll face diverse situations that will force you to rely on the community around you.  You will have a chance to grow.  Campus Life wants you to know everything that the GCU community has to offer you.

Becoming Independent – December

Your parents are gone, and now you have freedom you have been anticipating for years.  But what about that laundry, what about the bills and what about the late-night choices you are making instead of studying for that final?  What about when you head home for the semester and have to live back under the same rules you just left?  Get some tips on making wise decisions while enjoying that freedom.

Contact Zane Ewton at 602.639.7086 or zewton@gcu.edu.

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