GCU Announces Return of Fine-Arts Program

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GCU is bringing back its popular fine-arts program for the fall of 2010 with enhancements to make the degree especially relevant in today’s marketplace. Auditions will be held for students who may be eligible for $150,000 in scholarships that the University has allocated for the new College of Fine Arts and Production.

“What will set our program apart is the complete integration of all of these areas, which happens in the real world,” said Claude Pensis, the dean of the new college. “Considering my history with the University, the return of fine arts to GCU has very special meaning for me.”

Pensis has been with the University for 28 years and knows many of the program’s graduates. He has kept in contact with alumni, reaching out to them in recent months for their insights on what would make the college appealing to today’s student.

GCU will hold auditions on Saturday, March 6 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Interested student candidates will perform live for select music faculty. Prospects also will be given a theory and musicianship placement exam. Scales and sight-reading also may be assessed.

At its peak in the mid-1980s, GCU’s fine-arts program had 120 to 140 music majors. In addition to music, the new college will encompass theater, dance education, music, music education, production and video production.

“What will set our program apart is the complete integration of all of these areas, which happens in the real world,” Pensis said. “It’s like the spokes of a wheel, with each area touching the other and production serving as the hub.”

The University will incorporate its own stable of talent for its productions, utilizing students from digital media, production, acting, stage management, music and dance programs.

“Unlike fine-arts programs at other institutions, we will not operate in a silo,” Pensis said.

Pensis plans on staging five productions a year, including musicals and plays. The University is hiring eight new faculty members, including assistant deans of music, theater, dance and other positions in technical design, history, acting, directing and digital production. Faculty will be added as the program grows.

Those interested in learning more about the auditions or the new college should contact Keith Chandler at [email protected] or (602) 639-7562.

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