GCU Announces New Writing Style for Lower and Upper Division Courses

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GCU will be implementing a progressive approach to the use of APA writing style for the benefit of all students. Lower-division courses will use a modified set of APA requirements called “GCU Style” that enables students to focus their attention on content development and proper citations. Upper-division courses will incorporate additional elements to support the more advanced work that is reflective of the discipline and will generally follow the 5th edition of APA style, eventually transitioning to the 6th. Upper division English courses will use MLA style. 

Both the APA and MLA manuals have recently updated. GCU will be transitioning its resources to the new materials in Fall of 2010. Until then, GCU will be using:

  • APA 5th edition
  • MLA 6th edition

GCU has provided students and faculty with electronic resources for these styles in the Student Success Center tab of ANGEL.

Purchase of the APA or MLA manuals is optional. However, students in the doctoral programs and students entering the graduate Nursing programs as of 2010 will need the level of detail presented in the APA manual and should purchase the 6th edition. These programs will be using the 6th edition immediately.

For reference, the tutorials and templates available to students and faculty in the Writing Center are as follows:

For Lower Division Students:

  • GCU Format Style Guide (Focused APA)
  • GCU Format Template Document
  • GCU Lower Division Writing Rubric Template/Sample

For Upper Division and Graduate Students:

  • APA 5th Style Guide
  • APA 5th PowerPoint reference
  • APA Template Document (with Abstract)
  • APA Template Document (without Abstract)
  • APA Tutorials
  • GCU Upper Division and Grad Writing Rubric Templates/Samples

For Upper Division English Students

  • MLA 6th edition Style Guide
  • MLA 6th Edition Document Template

For Doctoral and New Master’s Nursing Students:

  • APA 6th Style Guide
  • APA 6th Template Document (with Abstract)
  • APA 6th Template Document (without Abstract)

For Faculty:

  • APA 5th and 6th edition comparison document

The new requirements will be increasingly reflected in the rubrics. More weight is given to the content of an assignment and less given to the mechanics of style.

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