CLA Hosts Academic Networking Site for Tutoring and Support

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By Eva Lytle

With our ever-evolving worlds of Internet communication – podcasts, tags, file swapping – we have learned new and radical ways to research, create and learn. These and other features such as blogging tools, uploading photos, videos and music, joining forums and writing comments, allow us to express our creativity and individuality.

GCU supports all students with higher education success at The Center for Learning & Advancement (CLA). We recognize that there is a new generation of digital learners and have provided opportunities to use those skills through online tutoring and social networking.

CLA Ning Image

CLA views social networking as another opportunity to connect with our global university peers in an academic way. We use a social network called NING that offers peer-to-peer and faculty-to-peer support in certain content areas. You can connect in discussion forums to help one another with academic concepts or answer questions you have about your coursework content.

There are currently two social groups and forums that provide Writing Lab and Math Lab atmospheres. Students and faculty can post questions, answers, examples and resources that contribute to learning.

Once you have joined, you will find photos and bios about each tutor, as well as additional online resources and practice activities. When logging onto the CLA networking web site – – you must set-up an account and page preferences.

For more information about CLA and its services, please visit or contact [email protected].

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