GCU Awarded for ANGEL Online Classroom Environment

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The 2009 ANGEL IMPACT Awards recognize universities and colleges that take the ANGEL online classroom environment in new directions. This year Grand Canyon University earned the Exemplary Course Award for its work in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences.

The award is based on the merits of new enhancements that include 3D models, simulations, flash movies, audio lecture recordings and a fresh, more visually appealing design to the classroom environment. The award-winning enhancements include:

Med Math – The simulation allows students to practice medication calculation skills to help prepare them for their board exams.
Nervous Systems – The simulation allows students to break down multiple systems into parts and see how each system interacts and how it affects the body.
Heart – The 3D interactive heart provides a view of blood flow and can be manipulated to show how the heart reacts in different cases.
Lungs – The 3D model identifies the various parts of the lungs.
Brain – The enhancement visually demonstrates written text concepts to help associate problems in the brain.
Periodic Table – The complex 3D enhancement based on the Periodic Table of Elements. It includes a 3D model of each individual element in its atomic structure.

“These enhancements are providing our students with the opportunity to practice some of the complex procedures and absorb information they learn in the classroom,” College of Nursing Dean Anne McNamara said. “This also helps them build confidence in the new skills they are learning.”

The Med Math module, for example, stems from the problem many students were having with courses on medicinal math. Too many were struggling and the college wanted to do something that would help improve comprehension. The enhancement – an interactive simulation that allows students to test their knowledge of prescription doses while also helping the student to use critical thinking in the mathematics associated with the medication – has proven popular with students and at demo presentations.

“The development of this online tutorial allows for more interaction with the materials before each semester’s math competency,” said Amy Werner, RN, MN who is on the College’s faculty and helped develop the programs. “From a nursing student standpoint, there is much evidence that kinesthetic learning environments are the most advantageous for students.”

All enhancements reside on an external server with no impact on ANGEL performance. At this point all enhancements act as resources for students. They are not graded or included in the course requirements.

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  1. Denishia Tatum

    I’m one of the many graduate nursing students here at GCU and I’m excited to know that I am a part of this new and interactive Angel Classroom. Go College of Nursing and Health Sciences! It’s because of your content that the award was granted.

    Oct.08.2009 at 2:44 pm
  2. Blondina Barry

    I am not in Nursing and Health Sciences, but I’m excited for them!! I’m not at all surprised GCU received such an award, it is a reflection of real heart of this GCU ‘family’. I am a new online student here at GCU in Biblical Studies. I have been totally amazed at the genuine concern, care, and willingness to help,doing whatever they can to help anyone. This character is found in the entire organization – from the advisory staff to the instructors to the individual dept. staff. I have never experienced such acceptance and encouragement and support from anywhere else I have either gone to school at or worked at, OR even attended CHURCH at!!! I am honored to be a student at GCU, and I pray that I would show the same care and concern to everyone I encounter, whether online or in person. GCU really lives by their mission and vision statements!! Each person really demonstrate the love and acceptance of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior!

    Oct.09.2009 at 10:32 pm
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