Share your story ideas with us

Email [email protected] if you have a story idea for GCU Today. Most of the stories told on the GCU Today news site fit into at least one of these five categories, which may help you in considering what would interest us:


  • Explains a new program or class in layman’s terms, for understanding by a general audience.


  • Introduces someone who has won an award, been honored for an achievement or met a high goal.
  • Recognizes someone who has overcome obstacles or challenges to become successful.


  • Introduces someone with an interesting story to tell, or someone of significance to the life of the University.
  • Recognizes someone who has gone above and beyond.


  • Identifies something that makes you go “Huh!”
  • Introduces people or circumstances that are different, humorous or special in some way.


  • Covers an event or speaker on campus.
  • Recognizes a holiday or “theme” (such as Teacher Appreciation Week).

Why we do the stories we do

  • They put a face on the University.
  • They create awareness of the caliber of students, faculty and programs at the University.
  • They increase the University’s “relatability” for students who might be considering GCU.