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University Christian Perspective Focuses on Fruit of the Spirit

September 25, 2009 / by / 2 Comments

What does it mean to be a Christian University? To some, it may mean an environment in which everyone professes a faith in Jesus Christ and follows a strict set of rules and behaviors that are linked to a specific ideology. To others, it might simply refer to spiritual activities offered to students as an option. But what does it mean for Grand Canyon University? What does it really mean when we say in our Vision Statement that we are “a premier Christian University educating people to lead and serve”? As GCU continues to enjoy tremendous growth and many exciting transitions, it’s important that we stop and reflect on this statement, and on the Christian values and mission the University was founded upon 60 years ago. It is also vital that we ensure that our words are supported by actions that are meaningful in today’s environment. Our Christian Perspective About six months ago, a group of faculty members and college leaders began meeting to create a statement that clarifies how our Christian Perspective supports the GCU Mission and Values Statements, and how it must be integrated into all aspects of our relationships with our students and employees. More details of […]