Wellness: Food for the soul

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Dr. Anna Edgeston
GCU Counseling Program Director

May is Mental Health Wellness Month, a time to re-evaluate our own wellness and become more aware of the mental health status of our communities.  

The World Health Organization recognizes that COVID-19 complicated an already existing global concern for the mental health well-being of individuals. Hence, it’s important that researchers and mental health experts continue to identify culturally sensitive ways to implement prevention and healing strategies to combat mental health symptoms that have been exacerbated by COVID-19.  

As we continue through May and beyond, we can challenge ourselves to reflect on what our soul needs to live and thrive.

In the same way we may prioritize attention to our physical, emotional, psychological and social wellness, it is important for us to care for our souls. Our souls are our deepest connection to God. Regular meditation, prayer, songs and nature walks are a few examples of ways we can fill our soul in a healthy manner.

COVID-19 has been an exhausting journey full of uncertainties, trials and tribulations. Like any journey we take, it is important to stop, rest and replenish our body so that we have the strength and ability to keep moving.

Take a few minutes to write a list of opportunities, activities, events, etc., that you can engage in for the next seven days that will feed your soul, bring you closer to God and improve your mental health well-being.

Each day, choose one and take action to prioritize your well-being. Remember, there is hope. We are resilient beings created to flourish.

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