Faculty Focus: Rebecca A. Foy

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Rebecca Foy

Title: Online Full-time Faculty, College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Years at GCU: 8

Academic degrees:

  • BFA in Intermedia, Arizona State University
  • Master’s in English, Northern Arizona University
  • Master’s in Education, University of Phoenix

What is your most notable accomplishment in your field, and why was it important?

My involvement with the General Education Committee and contributions to Curriculum Development and Design, such as acting as a Subject Matter Expert for developing new course materials and writing textbook chapters, have been my most educational and rewarding accomplishments. With the General Education Committee, I have been a chair of the subcommittee for Effective Communication since 2012 and was a contributing author and Program Review Coordinator for the first GCU General Education Program Review.

This led to presenting at the Higher Learning Commission Annual Conference in Chicago with Dr. Sherman Elliott and Dr. Laura Terry. Both accomplishments provided an amazing opportunity to learn more about the inner workings and processes of academia and to engage with a national community of educators.

What are you most passionate about in your field, and why?

I am most passionate about helping people. I enjoy creating a positive environment for my students and helping them develop the critical thinking skills and confidence they need to continue to learn and grow once they leave my class.

The main question I ask myself that guides my decisions as a faculty member is, “How can I ensure students leave my class with lifelong learning skills that will serve them as they continue their education and translate to their daily lives?”

What is a memorable moment you had in class, and what does that reveal about your teaching style?

I had a 75-year-old student who had very rusty and underdeveloped academic writing skills. He not had not been to school since he was 16. He passed a general equivalency degree just so he could return to college and complete an undergraduate degree. He struggled not only with writing but with navigating the technology.

I worked with him several times a week. He had to rewrite each essay several times, and it took many visits with the tutor and myself, but he was able to pass the course. He was so proud that he made it through and, more importantly, that he now felt he could move to the next course and tackle the writing assignments.

The improvement he made in a seven-week course was amazing. He still had a long way to go, but he never gave up and neither did I. I believe all students must be given every opportunity to succeed. I always tell my students, “If you are willing to do the work, I am willing to work with you.” I believe everyone can achieve if provided the correct tools and support.  

What do you like to do for fun in your spare time?

I love cooking. I have been experimenting with and creating my own recipes since I was a pre-teen. I am working on a vegetarian cookbook that differs from most in that it will not include dishes with mushrooms, asparagus, artichokes or eggplant. Not that these vegetables are bad, but they are so prevalent in vegetarian recipes and are not equally loved by all. There are other vegetables out there!

 What is something interesting about you that most people don’t know?

Most people may not know that I love DIY projects and have quite a few power tools. During the past year, I have refurbished and replaced my front gate, torn down cabinets, repainted my kitchen and dining room, and torn out the plaster ceiling on my back porch to reveal the natural wood underneath, which I am currently sanding and staining. I find it very satisfying to be able to complete these projects myself.






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4 Responses
  1. Tennille Feldbush

    Yay, Rebecca! You rock!

    Feb.17.2021 at 12:48 pm
  2. Dr. Priscilla Bamba

    Rebecca, I am so proud to be your co-worker; you are very good at encouraging your students. Since the pandemic, I, too, have gotten into projects like DIY furniture construction! I also save a ton of money that way by not having to pay others to put it together. It’s very satisfying! I love that you have a selection of power tools–I do, too! You do our department proud, and I hope we continue to be work mates for years to come!

    Feb.17.2021 at 1:00 pm
  3. Julia

    I was moved by your recounting the journey of the student in his 70’s! Good for him for not giving up and good for you for your patience, hope and belief in him. It is a gift what you do for others as an educator and as a decent human being.
    I am in my 50’s and am currently going for a master of education in elementary education at the GCU COE.
    There is an ageism and stigma of being ‘old’ in general in our society. I hope to break that concept with my experience and modeling for my daughters and women in general that I will be a successful educator.
    Thank you for sharing your story Rebecca!

    Feb.17.2021 at 5:31 pm
  4. Reginah Pedzai Jonga Matambanadzo

    Thank you so much Rebecca. I enjoyed all that you wrote, especially helping the 75-year-old man to get education because knowledge is power. He is now empowered. It’s God love that makes you to have that patience to help others to better themselves. I also enjoyed that you make your own recipes and that sounds good because I also love cooking and coming up with new recipes too. I hope to meet you in my educational journey at GCU. Am a new online graduate student in psychology.

    Feb.24.2021 at 8:17 am
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