Try this workout before fitness centers open

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By Kayla Hartson
Student Fitness Program Coordinator

Great news! Three of the on-campus fitness centers open this week!

Starting Thursday, Aug. 24, you can sign up for a workout reservation at the Lopes Performance Center second-floor weight room, the Canyon Activity Center weight room or the Papago Fitness Center.

A facility reservation is required in order to maintain social-distancing measures and ensure the safety of everyone on campus.

Sign up for your reservation at

Continue to challenge yourself this week by getting your heart rate up and completing this total body workout! This week, the workout is an AMRAP. You will need a pair of dumbbells.

What is an AMRAP?

AMRAP = “As Many Reps As Possible” 

Go through the list of exercise reps as many times as you can within eight minutes. Then, hold a one-minute plank during your rest between rounds. Repeat three times.

Start and finish your workout the right way!

Don’t forget to include a proper warmup and cooldown as part of your routine.

Warmup: Before you begin, take five minutes to get your heart rate elevated and muscles warm. This includes a light jog and dynamic stretches.

Cooldown: After you complete the workout, take five minutes to safely lower your heart rate. This can include a slow walk and static stretches. Read this article about stretching to understand the difference between dynamic and static stretches.

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