#Askingforafriend: The new normal

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By Kristin Wyse
GCU Office of Student Care

Normal. It’s such a relative term, and it can look very different from person to person and place to place.

But I think we all can agree that things haven’t looked normal in 2020. The way we view our world and interact with each other has changed significantly over the last several months. And the likelihood that things will return to normal seems further off than any of us would ever willingly accept.

How we will function and interact with each other when we all return to campus will look significantly different than it has ever looked before. So how do we figure out how to make the transition to our “new normal?”

Here are a few suggestions to help us all determine and acclimate to what our new “NORM” may look like:

N – NEW: The changes and adjustments we all will have to make are most likely going to feel awkward, unfamiliar and uncomfortable at times. It will be NEW for ALL of us! But if we can remember amid all this newness and uncertainty to be accepting, empathetic, patient and flexible with each other, we will be able to ride these waves of change together.

O – OBSERVE: As we weather these new transitions and changes, it will be important to OBSERVE what works well for us and others. Keeping attuned and listening to our own bodies and needs, along with observing how others around us are handling the transitions, will help keep us connected with ourselves and with each other during these challenging times.

R – REASSESS: Figuring out what works best for ourselves and others is a process that takes time and energy. And we usually don’t ever get it right the first time! Making sure to continually REASSESS our expectations, commitments and needs will help us to adapt to the changes within our control and those that are outside of our control.

M – MANAGE: Once we’ve reassessed where we are and what we and others need, we will be ready to make some adjustments to better MANAGE the transitions and changes. Communicating these needs to each other as we make the adjustments will help us come alongside each other in support and encouragement during these uncertain times of transitions.

So as we all search for our “new norms” in the coming days, weeks or months, let’s help each other in accepting the NEW changes, OBSERVE what is and isn’t working for us and others, REASSESS how we may need to respond to the transitions and MANAGE these changes together by communicating and connecting with each other along the way. And let’s learn our new “norm” as our GCU community together!

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