Rinnier named GCU’s new Assistant Dean of Students

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Danielle Rinnier has moved from Director of Spiritual Life to Assistant Dean of Students.

By Mike Kilen
GCU News Bureau

Dr. Tim Griffin has many duties and titles at Grand Canyon University – Dean of Students, Vice President of Academic Affairs and University Pastor.

Now he has some more help: Danielle Rinnier, who was Director of Spiritual Life, will be the first Assistant Dean of Students.

“As we continue to grow as a university and the demands of my schedule increase, it made sense to find somebody who knew every square inch and was passionate and committed to what we are doing here and has a long view of GCU,” Griffin said. “She was the logical person to take that role.”

Rinnier, a GCU alumna, has worked at the University for 10 years and joined Griffin shortly after he arrived.

“She has been involved in every step in the development of Student Affairs and is a super smart young lady who is a born leader and is passionate about students and their experience here,” Griffin said.

Rinnier said, “I’m hoping to help us continue to improve and serve students well and help Tim, who has a huge job at the University.

“I’m really passionate about student leadership, so whether that is streamlining training, or helping students figure out how to help students impact the culture as we continue to grow – that’s the area that I care a lot about.”

For seven years, Rinnier led the Department of Spiritual Life. It is one of nine offices within Student Affairs, which serves to enrich the student experience and campus life.

Christine Pemberton, Braelyn Armenta and Danielle Rinnier (from left) earned new leadership positions in Student Affairs.

Braelyn Armenta will take over as Director of Spiritual Life. She was formerly GCU’s Life Leader Manager and was one of Rinnier’s first hires seven years ago.

“She has served on multiple committees, is well connected to a variety of stakeholders, whether within Student Affairs or outside. She has a real passion for her faith and students interested in growing their own,” Griffin said.

Before becoming a life leader, Armenta was involved in small group study in residence halls “and knows the intricacies of being embedded in the buildings and helping students grow their faith in a small environment.”

Also, Christine Pemberton has moved from therapist to Director of Student Care. Pemberton worked for several agencies and in private practice before coming to GCU.

“When she came here a few years ago, she really took a lead position among therapists in serving students in a therapeutic way,” said Griffin, who added that she was recommended by outgoing director Chase Kerry.

“We were fortunate to have two really qualified people to move into director roles. It has been seamless because they all have such a great relationship with other staff members in Student Affairs, across departments, and really, across the University.”

Grand Canyon University senior writer Mike Kilen can be reached at [email protected] or at 602-639-6764.


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