TEDxGCU coming to Ethington Theatre on Friday

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TEDxGrandCanyonUniversity drew rave reviews from attendees and speakers last year, but the GCU students who run it have made even more improvements as they gear up for the 5 p.m. event Friday in Ethington Theatre.

The most obvious change will be the host – or, more accurately, The Host. That’s the moniker by which GCU student Caleb Duarte has become known around campus, and he’ll be out front again Friday to display his emcee abilities.

Another important switch is the site of TEDx Village. It will be indoors in the Technology Building, right next door to Ethington, because of possible rain. The Village will feature interactive art, thanks to a partnership with the Phoenix Art Museum, and a live stream of the event.

There will be eight speakers/performers for TEDxGCU, which aims to spread ideas through engaging thought leaders. They are:

  • Brian Mohr, a member of the Global Board of Trustees of Conscious Capitalism, Inc.
  • Josiah Friedman, founder and CEO of Voices of the Voiceless, which seeks to help women with unplanned pregnancies
  • Kristy Morgan, whose nonprofit, Candle Wishes, offers birthday parties for underprivileged and homeless children
  • Zander Fryer, who seeks to create a new generation of leaders
  • Amy Kao, who has made it her mission to rid the world of counterfeit drugs
  • Viputheshwar Sitaraman, who explores the dangers of the opinion gap between the public and scientists
  • Tatiana Crespo, songwriter and performer
  • Kevin Moore, who seeks to empower creative professionals by harnessing their unique styles

The event is open to the public, and tickets are available here.

Here’s the story from the TEDx preview event held in January.




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