GCU volunteers at Arizonans for Children Foster Festival

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GCU Men’s Soccer and Cheer, along with America’s Favorite Mascot, made new friends, including players from Arizona Christian University’s football team.

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How many volunteers does it take to sow seeds of purpose? We quickly lost count last weekend but rest assured, no stone was left unturned nor garden untended after GCU made appearances at four outreach events. It started at the Cartwright Community Garden and wrapped up with GCU Men’s Soccer, Cheer and the big guy himself, Thunder, making their annual appearance at the Arizonans for Children Foster Festival at Enchanted Island Amusement Park, where kicking goals is more than just fun, it’s a peek at opportunities for higher education. When being interviewed for a mentor through AFC, and asked where they are going to college, more than 90 percent of foster children answered GCU. Future Lopes, indeed.

The GCU Promo Team stayed busy all day with scores of future Lopes stopping by for information.

Soccer isn’t the only skill these players demonstrated, and when their tiniest fans asked for a round of Cornhole, our guys were right there to serve.

With head coach Schellas Hyndman at the helm, this scene played out all day long and GCU Men’s Soccer players never wavered in cheering on every child who stopped by.

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  1. Jeff Jayne

    Thanks GCU for coming out on Saturday! I was especially touched watching some of the girls in care doing cartwheels with the cheerleaders and even saw one of the cheerleaders posing with one of the girls (holding each other) for a picture. I believe you all brought some much hope to the youths for a brighter future! Thanks!

    Mar.01.2018 at 2:13 pm
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