Dyer’s Dyslexia Simulation

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COE professor Rebekah Dyer’s Dyslexia Simulation on Jan. 31 had a full house. Students received a brief description of dyslexia and participants experienced firsthand the emotional, behavioral and psychological impact that individuals with dyslexia and other language difficulties experience in educational situations every day. The participants were exposed to “learning” stations involving reading, writing, spelling and listening at an adult level to ‘simulate’  students’ interaction with many aspects of the curriculum.

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  1. Scott McIntosh

    Jeannette, I was excited to see this article. Dyslexia runs in my family, and I have seen the devastation that can be caused by the ignorance surrounding this learning disability. My youngest brother will tell you that he is “…a successful failure”. His Dyslexic symptom is that the letters in the words he reads are jumbled, and have movement on the page. He sometimes gets dizzy when reading.
    I remember him crying because he had to go to school. One teacher even wrote “Can’t you read?” on the top of a school paper. He tried to go to college 3 times, and each time he failed out of school. Dyslexia should not cripple the person. It is an obstacle that educators can manage around. Thankfully, my brother is a fighter, and a man of faith. He is now a very successful General Contractor, Master Electrician, and manages all construction for a large county in VA. Last week, he passed a Master in HVAC. I could not be more proud of the man he is.

    Feb.08.2018 at 6:38 am
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