Antelope Intros: Lauren Dixon and Lindsay Skinner

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This week's edition of Antelope Intros features two counselors who are passionate about personal growth, service and family. While one finds joy in the outdoors, the other prefers to satisfy her burger cravings.

Antelope Intros is a recurring GCU Today feature that introduces some of our new employees to the people around them in a way that is fun and informative. Employees are eligible to be featured in the month following their orientation.


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Lauren Dixon

Job title: Mental health counselor

Job location: Main campus, Student Life Building

What attracted you to GCU? I am very passionate about the stage of life on which college students are embarking; the opportunity to walk alongside young adults in their therapeutic journeys toward emotional growth and healing is an experience that makes me feel fulfilled in my calling to the field of counseling.

What do you do for fun and where do you find that outlet? Spending quality time with people I enjoy is fun for me in many facets of life. I live for good conversations with friends and family, which range from being able to cry together to being able to laugh at anything. Whether it’s a coffee date, a night out on the town, a road trip or just a good phone call, time with my people brings me endless amounts of joy!

What are you passionate about? I’ve been a violinist since age 5, and getting to play and share music with others is one of my favorite things in life. I’m passionate about improving my skill, teaching others to play, and getting to play for others whether on the worship team at church, during a wedding ceremony or for a classical concert.

What are your favorite places or events in the Valley that you like to visit? Honestly? In-N-Out burger

Tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know: I hate working out almost as much as I hate salad.

What are you most proud of? Initially I’m inclined to say that I’m proud of the degrees I’ve earned, the job I have or the talents I’ve fostered. But what I’m really most proud of is the work I’ve done and continue to do on my inner self toward being brave, confident, and more fully able to love and serve others.


Lindsay Skinner

Lindsay Skinner


Job title: University counselor

Job location: Tempe

What attracted you to GCU? Its Christian values and great reviews from other employees.

What do you do for fun and where do you find that outlet? I like to take my daughters on walks to South Mountain or just take them swimming; Really, anything outdoors. When I am child free, I love to play roller hockey or board games with friends and family.

What are you passionate about? I love helping people and making their lives better. It sounds contrived, but I really want to be a catalyst for positive change in the lives of people around me, especially the more vulnerable members of society, such as women, children and the elderly.  Respect is a huge thing for me; respect and gratitude would solve a lot of the problems we face in our families and in dealing with the world around us.

What are your favorite places or events in the Valley that you like to visit? First Friday in Downtown Phoenix, although it has been years since I’ve attended. I love Lolo’s Chicken and Waffles, hiking South Mountain, and if you haven’t done this, you have to check out the horse riding excursion at South Mountain. You can ride a horse through a trail to this cool steakhouse, eat dinner and then ride back to the stables.

Tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know: I have a super nerdy schooling background, and I used to get made fun of a lot. I skipped eighth grade, did high school concurrent with receiving my associate’s degree and had my bachelor’s at age 19. I was also an ugly duckling and really socially awkward for a while, so that was fun. I think it built character!

What are you most proud of? My daughters. They never cease to amaze me with their intelligence, their kindness and their beautiful little souls.

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