ASGCU aims to increase unity through better diversity awareness

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By Jeannette Cruz
GCU News Bureau

Seven years ago, Arantxa Moreno came to America from Venezuela and had to dive into the new culture while still trying to hold on to parts of her upbringing that she held dear.

“It was a little difficult at first because everything is different,” she said. “Sure, I made friends who were also from other Latin American countries and understood my Spanish, but even then, language was so insignificant because there were so many other factors that made us different.”

ASGCU diversity awareness director Arantxa Moreno

ASGCU diversity awareness director Arantxa Moreno

That is how Moreno learned that two people can come from the same place and yet share two totally different experiences. And with so many international, cultural and social clubs on campus, it’s no surprise that Moreno sought a need to shed light on the many ways diversity exists at Grand Canyon University — which she presumes will grow with the increasing student population.

Moreno now is diversity awareness director of Associated Students of GCU, which is turning the spotlight on two students every month, starting this week, to encourage other students to learn more about the unique people and exciting programs at the University. Students will be featured on ASGCU’s social media accounts and Channel 22.

“We are not too aware of all of the amazing stories that are within our campus,” said Moreno. “I wanted to create something that is simple but that is constantly present. At GCU we are our own little world, but it is still made up of so much.”

The Student Diversity Spotlight will display the students’ picture and a few details about what the student believes “can be seen,” “can be guessed” and what most people “can’t tell by looking” at them.

“Our ultimate goal is to bring awareness about different experiences in a way that we don’t have to host a huge event or put posters around campus,” Moreno said. “What I really want is for people to get to know their classmates and faculty in a way that it is not superficial.”

To learn more or to be a part of the Student Diversity Spotlight, contact Moreno at [email protected].

Contact Jeannette Cruz at (602) 639-6631 or [email protected]

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  1. Ana Velo

    What a great way for us as students to interact and learn more about others. Diversity is everywhere and we need to take advantage of it and learn from it. I congratulate Arantxa for her great work and the impact that she will have on compus through this new project!

    Feb.29.2016 at 1:15 pm
  2. Lindsey

    I think this is such an amazing way to integrate diversity on our campus! This makes my heart smile because for so long the world has been “desegregated” but few still realize the difference that is still shown today toward others in our country. I think this is a truly special and beneficial way to let others know that it is ok to be different and the benefits it can bring to others when their difference is expressed rather than suppressed! GREAT IDEA!!!

    Sep.08.2016 at 12:02 pm
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