Wade offers a makeover — on the inside — in Chapel talk

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By Rick Vacek
GCU News Bureau

Dr. Deb Wade has a way with words and images — and with putting those words and images into the context of the world today.

So when Grand Canyon University’s new vice president for counseling and psychological services gave her Chapel talk Monday morning, “Extreme Makeover — From the Inside Out,” her creativity shone through as brightly as her message.

Dr. Deb Wade speaks at Chapel. (Photo by Darryl Webb)

Dr. Deb Wade speaks at Chapel. (Photo by Darryl Webb)

This makeover involved losing the weight of burdens that afflict us: shame, toxic relationships, hurtful voices/messages from the past, anger (usually resulting from hurt) and a desire for revenge. Wade then used the imagery of a pimple, but on the inside, to look at how those feelings can result in brokenness, feeling degraded and loneliness.

Citing her favorite Bible verses, Psalm 139:1-14 (“You have searched me, O Lord, and You know me”), Wade pointed out all the special characteristics and talents — and blemishes — each person in the world has.

“We can’t hide (from God). He loves us because of the blemishes He gave us,” she said. “He made me. He took a needle and thread and formed me.”

The crowd broke into spontaneous applause. Then, like any good makeover show, Wade offered fitness solutions:

  • Stretch … into knowing that we are His
  • Lift … those around us
  • Reach … out to others
  • Bend … with life’s inevitable challenges
  • Spend lots of time “in the Son”

“A counselor can’t heal you. … The real healer is Jesus Christ,” she said.

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