Phoenix pastor delivers Chapel message from James

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By Doug Carroll
GCU News Bureau

Brian Kruckenberg, senior pastor of New City Church in central Phoenix at Monday's Chapel.

Brian Kruckenberg, senior pastor of New City Church, at Monday’s Chapel in GCU Arena. (Photo by Darryl Webb)

The New Testament book of James, written by Jesus’ half-brother and considered by scholars to be wisdom literature similar to Psalms or Proverbs, supplied the text for Monday’s Chapel message from Brian Kruckenberg, senior pastor of New City Church in central Phoenix.

Kruckenberg focused on the James 1:9-18 passage, saying the twin emphasis is that “God’s things last and man’s do not” and “everything good comes from God.”

Kruckenberg, a former lawyer, said James functions as a “case study” of how God’s ways are always the best ways for those who believe in Him.Temptation, he said, is not from God and can come in a variety of forms. Satan knows the custom bait that is capable of hooking any believer.

“The tempter shows you all of the pleasure but none of the pain,” Kruckenberg said.

When we chase after the things of man, he said, we pursue what isn’t permanent — and can even exalt ourselves in the process.

“Really good things can lead you away from God to worshipping your own self-will,” he said, citing the Pharisees as examples of those who took their knowledge of the Law to an extreme, completely losing touch with its intent.

He said our crown of life comes only from Jesus having taken a crown of thorns, and he referenced Paul’s exhortation from 1 Corinthians 9:24 (“Run in such a way to win the prize”).

“If ever there was one who ran to win,” Kruckenberg said, “it was Jesus Christ. Believe on Jesus, the author and perfecter of your faith.”

Chapel will resume on Monday, Feb. 24, with Scott Ridout of Sun Valley Church as the speaker. That week’s service will be the final one of the spring semester. Expansion of GCU Arena is expected to begin shortly thereafter.

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