‘oLipics’ theme designed to pack Arena for Thursday’s Lip Sync event

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By Rachelle Reeves and Alyssa Barton
GCU News Bureau

Performers at Thursday night’s “oLipics” Lip Sync event have a chance to shake what the Good Lord gave them for as many as 5,000 spectators at a packed GCU Arena.

The audience can expect some of the same vibe from past events with from this year’s Olympics theme: the pumping music, crazy outfits, and bizarre dance moves — all designed to get the audience rocking, and to impress a panel of Lip Sync judges.

Nearly every aspect of campus life will be represented through acts ranging from mock boy-band groups to other performances that put new twists on pop songs. Last year’s Lip Sync winner, Deep Abyss, is expected to defend its title against a mix of performers that, in the past, have included student leaders, RAs, and members of Antelopes sports teams.

Student event organizers plan to open the entire GCU Arena for this year’s Lip Sync, including floor seats. Students are encouraged to arrive in advance of the 8 p.m. scheduled start.

Ryan Pinkerton, activities director for the Associated Students of GCU, believes the Olympic motif will rally students under an international theme.

“It’s just a great example of a bunch of people coming together for one cause,” said Pinkerton, a sophomore Christian studies major, who shared details about Lip Sync in GCU Today’s “Burning Questions” YouTube video.

“(GCU) may not be the craziest school, but we get really excited at events like this,” Pinkerton said.

While many GCU students look forward to seeing Lip Sync for a second or third time, others who are unfamiliar with the signature event said they also expect a wild show.

GCU junior Vallie VanLiew, who transferred from Glendale Community College, heard Lip Sync is one of the most hilarious events of the year.

“Coming from a small school, I’m not used to huge events that everyone gets in to,” VanLiew said. “Getting excited about something like Lip Sync, students and staff really make GCU feel like a personal campus.”

Steven Keller, a sophomore business management major, plans to compete in the Lip Sync competition with his group, the Sodexbros. He believes his group could surprise the audience with their choreography and song selection. Like other performers, those details tend to remain secret until the night of the big show.

“I feel like this year’s competition will be fierce,” Keller said. “We all want the win, but I think (the Sodexbros have) a few tricks up our sleeves that’ll get us the win.”

Samantha Sloan, a sophomore resident assistant at Sedona Hall, said her RA team looks forward to the chance to compete at Lip Sync. The group feels prepared and confident after spending plenty of time planning and practicing their performance. Sloan said the key was remaining relaxed and calm in advance of Thursday.

Sloan added, like many GCU students, that she considers Lip Sync part of the fabric of the University’s campus life.

“Lip Sync is such a creative idea that really brings the GCU family together,” he said. “It’s a tradition here and one of the biggest events on campus.”

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