Student Worker of the Month: Elizabeth Bradley

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By Cooper Nelson
GCU News Bureau

Parking could have been a huge concern this August with more students and staff flooding campus than ever before. But GCU was able to manage the issue with a little help from royalty.

“I was the parking queen this summer,” Elizabeth Bradley joked about her role as campus operations assistant student worker.

Senior Elizabeth Bradley earned Student Worker of the Month honors for her efforts with campus parking issues.

The GCU business management senior, who goes by “Liz-E,” helped organize new student and staff parking permits for the updated parking policy. Bradley’s effort in helping the campus operations office sort through the often-contentious issue of parking earned her this year’s first Student Worker of the Month award, which is given out by GCU’s Office of Career Services.

Bradley was nominated by vice-president of campus operations Steve Soukup, who appreciated her level of intelligence and professionalism.

“She understands customer service,” Soukup said. “Her job is a very challenging position to have for someone her age or even for a full-time employee, and she does it flawlessly.”

Bradley joined the campus operations team to work on events parking last fall after she transferred to GCU from two other colleges. She proved to be more capable, which landed her a position in the campus operations office.

On her daily grind, Bradley’s job tasks include providing new and up-to-date parking permits to GCU students and staff, manually inputting parking data for up to 1,000 people on a busy day, helping out during event parking, and shepherding parking citation appeals.

Bradley enjoys her job and doesn’t mind dealing with people who are confused or frustrated about receiving a parking ticket. She sees her work as a great experience that will help her reach her goal of entering the world of marketing and advertising after she graduates.

“(The work I am doing now) will help me take on more responsibility, help me to multitask and make sure my customer always leaves happy and satisfied,” she said.

For now, Bradley is simply enjoying her time as a student and worker at GCU.

Soukup said he will be sad to see her go if she moves on after graduation, but hopes there will be a full-time position for her in the campus operations office when that day comes. According to him, she would be the first in line to fill the role.

“She’s the type of student slash employee that we want to keep on staff and continue on with in the future,” Soukup said.

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