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Q&A About Grand Canyon and the Northfield Campus

How is the donation of the Northfield campus being made?

The 217-acre campus is expected to be donated by Hobby Lobby to a 501(c)(3) charity, which is a supporting organization of the Grand Canyon University Scholarship Foundation. This organization intends to lease the property to Grand Canyon University.

What are Grand Canyon’s plans for the Northfield campus?

One of the buildings on the historic western Massachusetts campus founded by evangelist D.L. Moody.

If appropriate federal, state and regional approvals and accreditations are received, the campus is expected to open in the fall of 2014 with 500 students and 50 faculty and staff, growing to an enrollment of 5,000 students and faculty/staff of more than 600 by 2018. Grand Canyon expects to invest up to $150 million in the campus over a five-year period, which would help to stimulate the economy of western Massachusetts.

How will Grand Canyon fit into the town of Northfield?

Grand Canyon has a track record of building strong partnerships with city officials and community organizations in Phoenix. That sense of collaboration will work in Northfield, as well. Grand Canyon wants to enhance the quality of life in Northfield, not disrupt it, and it looks forward to a mutually beneficial, long-lasting relationship. The historic nature of the campus will be maintained.

How is Grand Canyon’s vision for the Northfield campus compatible with that of its 19th-century founder, evangelist D.L. Moody?

When D.L. Moody founded the Northfield Seminary for Young Ladies in 1879, he spoke of giving “equal advantages to those shut out from education.” At Grand Canyon, students on campus pay an average of $7,800 per year in tuition after scholarships are factored in. This affordability has made a private, Christian education a reality for students who never thought they could afford one, and we believe the Northeast can benefit from such an institution in these challenging economic times. Grand Canyon’s vision is remarkably similar to Moody’s.

When is the gift expected to occur?

While Hobby Lobby has indicated its intent to gift the property to the supporting organization for the Grand Canyon University Scholarship Foundation, certain regulatory approvals must be received and various administrative and legal steps must be taken prior to the final gift occurring. The final gifting of the campus is expected to occur sometime before the end of 2012. 

When will Grand Canyon begin to develop the campus?

The supporting organization intends to enter into a long-term lease with Grand Canyon based on commercially reasonable, fair-market terms and conditions, immediately after it receives the gifted campus. At that point, Grand Canyon will have the right to begin developing the campus; however, it doesn’t currently anticipate beginning any development projects on campus until the spring or summer of 2013. Grand Canyon intends to work proactively with the local community in the development of the campus to ensure that the Moody legacy is preserved and the campus can continue to serve as a source of inspiration and pride for everyone.

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