Traveling Team Makes a Missions Stop at GCU

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By Doug Carroll
Communications Staff

A Ford minivan filled with four people, fueled by Jesus’ Great Commission and stopping at every college campus on the map is no ordinary vehicle.

It’s a four-wheeled missile for world change.

“If there’s a revolution you want to start, take it to college students,” reasons Morgan Parker, who visited the GCU campus on Tuesday evening along with three other representatives of The Traveling Team.

Kristin Schulz, Hudson Smith, Sarah Allen and Morgan Parker of The Traveling Team.

The Arkansas-based team — actually one of three teams crisscrossing the country under that name — spoke to about two dozen students at the College of Nursing lecture hall for the first monthly meeting of Global Project.

Jacob Page, GCU’s director of global missions, sees Global Project as an informal “missions club” for students that will educate them and stoke their passion for making such trips, either during summer break or after graduation.

With its head-on message of “whatever you do, don’t do nothing,” The Traveling Team appealed to students who had been on trips as well as those who were merely curious. In a fast-moving presentation, the visitors talked about the “radical obedience” involved in taking the Gospel to unreached parts of the world.

“God reminds us that it’s His heart to redeem people from every nation,” said team member Hudson Smith. “It’s the theme of the Bible.

“The central point of the Bible is the cross, and the central point of the cross is the redemption of all nations.”

Citing Psalm 46:10, Smith said most Christians can quote the first half of the verse (“Be still and know that I am God”) but not the second half (“I will be exalted among the nations”).

He said Jesus’ parting words to His disciples intentionally used commissioning language and were reported in similar ways by all four books of the Gospel.

“God’s ‘family business’ is missions,” Smith said.

The team also spoke about the “10/40 Window,” the part of the world extending from 10 degrees to 40 degrees north of the equator and stretching from northern Africa to China. Although nearly 90 percent of the world’s unreached population — about 2.75 billion people — lives there, only four percent of the world’s missionaries go there.

The five major groups in the vast region are tribal, Hindu, Chinese, Muslim and Buddhist.

“Unless someone takes the Gospel to them, they have no shot at (hearing it),” Smith said, citing Revelation 7:9 as evidence that heaven will be a multicultural place and won’t be “a bunch of white people singing Chris Tomlin songs.”

With its three teams, The Traveling Team will visit every major college campus in the country over three years. In fact, most of its presentations are on secular campuses, where a small Campus Crusade for Christ chapter is often the only hope for student missions recruitment and in need of support.

The team that visited GCU — which also included Sarah Allen and Kristin Schulz — is scheduled to visit 40 campuses this semester.

“We speak to students about God’s heart for the world,” Allen said. “It’s possible to know the Bible really well and not know what God’s heart is.”

Said Smith: “We’re passionate about missions and minivans, and we’re well-versed in both.”

For more information on the work of The Traveling Team, go to For details about Global Project, which is planning to meet again on the first Friday in November, email Page at [email protected].

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