GCU Names Tim Griffin New Dean of Students

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By Zane Ewton
Communications Staff

One year into his role as the GCU’s campus pastor, Tim Griffin is taking on an even larger role. In his own words, he is “drinking from the fire hose.”

In July, GCU administration promoted Griffin to vice president of student services and dean of students. He will continue in his responsibilities as campus pastor, but he also will oversee the offices of Student Life and Spiritual Life, Career Services and Event Services.

GCU Vice President of Student Services and Dean of Students Tim Griffin.

Griffin’s influence on students and staff was evident in his first year with the University. He even lived on campus in the North Rim Apartments to make sure he was as accessible as possible.

“Tim has already had a huge impact on everyone here at GCU and will bring his unique approach to servant leadership to our teams,” says GCU Director of Career Services Jacqueline Smith. “I’m very much looking forward to working with him.”

With a campus enrollment of 4,300 expected for the fall semester, it’s a busy time for Griffin, who succeeds Mik Milem as dean of students.

“We are reorganizing in a way to grow with all of the change that is happening on campus,” he says. “As much change is physically happening on campus, it is also happening inside our offices.”

Despite the mouthful that is his new job title, he hopes students will continue to call him “Pastor Tim” or “Chappie,” his nickname from his days as NASCAR’s chaplain.

Griffin also wants students to know he is still available for pastoral counseling and Bible studies. He intends to remain heavily involved in the development and design of Chapel as well.

“I want students to see Chapel and theGathering as unique opportunities for a community of faith to gather,” he says. “We will have some of the best Christian leaders and communicators in the Valley coming to Chapel.”

Spiritual Life on campus promises to be even more vibrant than before with the continued ministry of groups such as Canyon Kids, as well as new ministries such as the Canyon Servant Scholars and an intercultural program.

“The Lord is working on this campus, and you can certainly see Him at work through Tim,” says Helen Bleach, director of university relations and events. “It is all about the Lord’s plan. By praying for His vision and working through everything together, we are going to do great things.”

Griffin credits much of the enthusiasm on campus to GCU students. Despite what will likely be a hectic fall semester in his office, he is more than ready for students to return.

“Our students create such a great atmosphere on campus,” he says. “The break is over — it’s time to get rolling.”

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