They’ve Got a Map, a Tent and They’ll Be Wearing Purple

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By Doug Carroll
Communications Staff

Road trip!

Those two words, guaranteed to make any college student’s heart skip a beat, describe the monster summer that’s ahead for GCU junior Spencer Fehrenbacher and recent graduate Trevor Roberts.

Starting next week, they’ll be on the road through early August for the University’s Office of Faith-Based Development, hitting nine major Christian music festivals from California to Georgia.

Estimated travel: 10,000 miles.

Spencer Fehrenbacher and Trevor Roberts

Fehrenbacher and Roberts will take along a 10- by 20-foot purple tent to the festivals, where they will set up a huge GCU display. At each stop, they’ll be awarding four scholarships worth $2,500 apiece to music fans who fill out an application to the University.

It’s called “The GCU Experience,” and it will include free beach towels, sunscreen and sunglasses for those who stop by to check it out.

“We’ll be telling people about our school,” Fehrenbacher says. “The back of the tent has a huge shot of the Promenade.”

“We’ll have GCU in front of more than a million people this summer,” Roberts says.

The guys’ first stop is a four-day festival in Atlanta, which starts next Wednesday and includes major bands such as MercyMe, Tenth Avenue North and Casting Crowns. Similar festivals in Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Texas, California and Washington are on their itinerary.

Roberts, familiar to GCU theatergoers for his lead role in “The Pirates of Penzance” last fall, graduated in December from the College of Nursing. He says roadside diners should be on the lookout for their business.

You’ll be able to follow the trip on Twitter (@GCUtour), and we’ll post photos and highlights periodically on Herd on Campus.

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