GCU Team on the Road to Joplin!

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GCU’s tornado-relief team of three — Enrollment Counselor Aaron Johnson, Community Outreach Manager Jose Moreno and Communications Specialist Jennifer Willis — hit the road Thursday morning for southwestern Missouri. They’re planning to stop in Amarillo, Texas, for the night and be in Joplin, Mo., by late afternoon Friday.

The generous donations of GCU employees and the Phoenix community filled a van and a U-Haul trailer with clothing and toiletries. The rest of the donations collected will be transported by semi to Joplin in the next week to 10 days. Gift cards with a total value of more than $1,200 also were donated and are being taken along by the team.

A special ’Lopes Up to staffers who helped sort clothing and supplies and load the van and trailer Wednesday afternoon and evening at McKinley Hall. The can-do crew included Chad Troxel, Chrystal Phillips, Lanae Benser, Geneva Dellabitta, Atiya Bynum, Ericka Rodriguez Vazquez, James Orosco, Tristan Crooks, Sean Piper, Clinton Harris, Heather DiFrancesco and Ami Francisco.

Volunteers give the "'Lopes Up" after packing the van Wednesday

The Joplin team, ready to hit the road: Aaron Johnson, Jennifer Willis and Jose Moreno

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  1. Sharon Johnson

    Grand Canyon University, The Mavericks, Arizona Suns and Phoenix communities – you ROCK!

    Jun.03.2011 at 7:43 am
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